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Shop chain:Gamers
Address:1-14-7 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Floor 1F-8F
Categories:Anime, Character Goods, DVD/Bluray, Figures, Games, Magazines, Manga, Music CD
Floor list:
1FMagazines, Manga
2FDVD/Bluray, Music CD
3FDVD/Bluray, Music CD
6FCharacter Goods
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This is the main shop of Gamers, located right next to Akihabara station.
The whole building is dedicated to character goods, games, manga, CD, DVD and figures.
There are 8 floors, but escalators only go to the 4th floor, the rest is done using the elevator or stairs.


Floor Guide

1F: Magazines, Manga

The first floor contains anime-related magazines and new manga, games, cd & dvd releases, but in limited quantity.
The first floor is also opened until 22:00, all upper floors only until 21:00.

2F: DVD/Bluray, Music CD

This floor has all the new anime CD & DVD releases.

3F: DVD/Bluray, Music CD

This floor has all music cd, but not J-Pop and the likes. These are music cds of anime shows, games and voice actors.
You will also see that the escalator walls are filled with posters of voice actors.

4F: Games

This floor focuses on games, mainly PS2. Also has walkthrough books.

5F: Manga

This is the manga floor of the shop with a large stock. There are also light novels and art books. Also contains some adult manga.

6F: Character Goods

Character goods mainly aimed at a female audience. It has a very pink atmosphere. Special Digi-Charat corner and a lot of D.C. Da Capo merchandise.
Also some manga, T-shirt and trading cards.

7F: Figures

Besides Gunpla models, also figures of Transformers, zoids, BB soldier and others.


Card game floor, not a big collection but mainly new popular card games.

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